Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year

Today we encourage you to really take the time to decide what it is your truly want, there is a major shift coming, not only because of the New Year but because of the year, this is an year of abundance and manifestation, if you enter this year with your intentions set in confidence that the universe and the Angels will assist you, you will be more prosperous in all areas of you life than you have ever been. Imagine that every morning your Angels stand beside your bed with a new present for you to open. Start with the exchange of positive energy by giving someone one of the things you desire and watch how quickly it shall return to you. Don't take on the job of trying to make things happen, allow them to happen, release and let go, intended and give thanks. Move in the now, in this very moment expect, receive, know that all good in the universe belongs to you. Share, don't hoard, give, in time, love in smiling, open the doors so that the walls we have build and be torn down and the newness of life can began. It is really all up to you, make this year your best ever, start now.

Channeled from Gabriel

Monday, December 29, 2008

Out with the old....

This morning I was up at 2am and as I prayed myself back to sleep I thought, oh my another year, there are so many things that will change. And then I thought, how many times have a said that or made resolutions only to break them. So this time I am going to live in the moment, in the very moment that God gives me, I am going to enjoy my life everyday and I am going to be grateful for everything.I will enjoy the stillness and spending time with spirit. I will not let others choices affect my choices and I will hold my power. You see all these things are so easy to do when you just relax, relax in God and in Spirit and allow them to prepare the way with you and for you. God Loves you and he wants nothing more in this world for you to be happy and prosper in all you do. So be out with the old and live in the now.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dream Big

I am so excited, I just spent the last week of my life with some of the most wonderful people in the world. I went to hear many famous life coaches speak this week in Florida and I had a ball! I learned so much about the law of attraction, power of intentions and yes Angels( my favorite thing) as I got on the plane, to come home after spending a day in Magic kingdom, it made me realize some things, you know Walt Disney dreamed big, when people told him he was crazy he still dream big, he had a big dream about this little mouse spreading joy to people all over the world and look at Mickey now. You see that what God wants us all to do dream Big, have faith and know that there is nothing that you can't have if you believe you can. Life is what we make it, it is of your choosing, you can chose to have nothing or to have it all. God wants you to be happy that is why he gives you this wonderful staff of spirit that is just waiting on you to call on.Life is yours, what you think about you bring about, DREAM BIG. WALT DID!


Friday, December 12, 2008

Helping Others

In the last five years of my life things have really changed. God's spirit has moved greatly in my life and it has completely changed who I am. When you say things like that people think"oh Boy here it goes another God Crazy" but I am hear to tell you, yes I love God and Spirit and Angels, I love the relationship that I have with them and the awareness of miracles that they have brought to my life. I have seen things happen that I know there is no physical way they should be happening, I have heard things, I have met people, I have seen the move of God in my life and I just want to share it! Everybody thinks oh I have to do this and I have to do that, you have to do nothing but be you and God will do the rest. If there is anything that needs to go in your life, Spirit will remove it, you don't have to worry about doing it, the Angels know what is best for you and know this if they take something away..... You gotta know that something better is coming. So I feel now that my life purpose is to truly show people how they can experience this wonderful life of just having a relationship with spirit, not what anyone else tells you, but your relationship. I want to help.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Being who you are

Being Who you are

We are all made in the image of God, but we sometimes forget who we are, we want to be that image we see on tv or we want to have what we see another with, what we have to realize is that God has no respective person , he loves all of us the same it is just how much do we trust him, do you trust God to give you exactly what you need so that you don't have to be like someone else? God has given us the power to become the best that we can be if we trust and believe in him, so that all you have to do is be you and he will do the rest.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

God the Gift Giver

Today I learned some new things, not only about myself but about other people. I also learned about God and how he loves us, and yes I knew this already but today I think that I really understand, God loves us like no one else ever will, not only does he want us to be happy, he wants us to share our happiness with others, not only does he want us to live limitless, he wants us to think limitless, God stands before you and he waits on you to make the choice to trust him and once you do he opens the flood gates to this wonderful, joyous life that you have been waiting to have, he fills you heart with love and peace and then you become loving and you give peace to people. God is the Ultimate Gift Giver, get in position to receive.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Love the way it suppose to be

Love the way it is suppose to be

Some days are always better than others, I mean there are days when you get up and everything flows wonderfully. Then there are those days when you get up and it is a constant struggle. I know those days all so well. Those are the days when I cling to the one that loves me the most , the one that no matter what offers his arms to me and says "I am here", no matter what you have done, "I forgive you" and no matter where you go "I will go with you". The one who says "I love you" and means it, the one that loves you so true that if you were never loved by another it would be ok. You know who that is? You know who loves you like that? the one that is ALWAYS there when you call, that one that loves you so much that if you were the only one in the world he still would have sent his only begotten son to die for you, yeah that one, God our Father. experience true love, the way it is suppose to be.

Praise God!