Monday, January 30, 2012

Reason why you may need a House/ Office Blessing

We are all energy and everything in our life's is energy .So if things are not quite moving in your life, home or business, you may need an energy shift.  Here are the answers to some common questions and reason you may need to cleanse your home/ office.

What is "Clearing/cleansing"?
It is the act of using various energetic and spiritual means to work with, raise, clear or release energy from a physical place to create an environment that is refreshed, safe and pleasant.

Why do it?
Energy can be felt. It is sometimes referred to as "vibe" or "atmosphere". Cleansing and blessing a physical space can bring it into alignment with the intention you have for it, will make it feel better, be more comfortable, and improve the quality of your life in that space.

It is especially useful if you are buying or selling a home or are starting something new. It doesn't matter whether you personally work with energy consciously or not, the "atmosphere" of a place will be felt regardless.
What you are intending to create and experience can be effected not only by what you are physically doing but by the "flavor" of the surrounding or residing energy.
Blessing and cleansing can also help bring the energy of a place back to it's original essence, letting the land's own natural power flow. Here are some additional reasons:

1) Divorce if you have had an argument or difficult interactions with someone.
2) You have a office and you deal with clients on a daily bases
3) If you want to sell your home, cleansing the space can make it more appealing for prospective buyers.
4) You have children who bring friends over
5) If you want to bring prosperity to yourself for instance, and you have energies surrounding you or your environment that negate what you are doing or create doubts internally, you will in all likelihood be less effective than if your personal and working space is filled with helpful and supporting energy.
6) If someone has passed over in your home and there is an overwhelming presence of someone else.

You should feel complete relaxed and peaceful in your space. Take charge of that energy and make it what you desire it to be.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Keep your head up

The other day my son and his friend were in the car listening to Andy Grammar"s song " Gotta keep your head up." That song has been repeating over and over in my head and I have since been given the reason why. There are many times in our lives that we go through things that we feel are impossible to get over, we lose a loved one, we divorce, we lost a job. Some of us immediately go into " poor me mode" when what we really need to do is keep our heads up and look to the Source of the universe who supplies all things. In keeping your head up you have no time to look down at what is wrong, but look up and giving thanks for what is right. Before you know it life is better than you ever thought it could be. So as Andy says" You'll be fine, but you gotta keep your head up, yeah, yeah and you can let your hair down.."

Friday, January 13, 2012

The Power is in the Word!

What kind of world do you want to live in? I mean really want to live in?  Well you can just look around and see for yourself, because you are living it! And if you decide that you don’t like what you see, you can change it.  As human beings, we are amazing creations, with enormous creative capacity and potential. Enormous.  When you wake up in the morning, do you feel that? Do you say to yourself, “Good morning world, I am poised to create today!”?
There is an infinite sea of possibility and potential, called Heaven, which is always available and present around us. All we need to do is turn our awareness to it, open the spigot, and use our thoughts and words to transform ‘potential’ to the art form which is our life.

I invite you to listen carefully to yourself and observe how you use your words throughout the day. Are you empowering yourself and expressing Truth? That would sound like speaking and thinking affirmatively: “I am a perfect child of God,” “I bless and take care of my body,” “The Father and I are One” “I see the Christ in him/her,” and avoiding the temptation to use our thoughts and words to ‘be right’ or to make ourselves and others wrong.  Even the small stuff matters. Remember, we shape our world with our thoughts and words. In essence, we are sculptors, and like Michelangelo who brought David into form out of a block of stone, we can bring a beautiful world that works for all into form.

So what is stopping you? Start today to use the power of your word to speak the Truth about yourself and others, and to give life and form to your authentic self.

Monday, January 9, 2012

God, the Angels and the Full Moon.

Take the time today to use the energies of the full moon to let go of things, people and patterns that maybe keeping you from your highest good. Let go of the past ask Arch Angel Michael to cut all cords and be willing to forgive. If you are focusing on weight release ask Arch Angel Raphael to dissolve all unhealthy habits or additions. Arch Angel Ariel is the Angel of manifestation, she teaches you how to balance you life on earth. She also helps with any earthy desires, such as prosperity. If you are not quite sure what you need to release call upon God, give your Angels permission to heal and help you release all things, know that God and his mighty Angels stand by your side always. God is love and you are loved unconditionally. Give things!

Many Blessing,