Thursday, November 18, 2010

What the Angels say about the Real Estate Market

I have so many clients that are Realtors or they are somehow connected to the housing market. Most of them want to know what is going on right now, why is nothing moving and what is going to happen? So in the silence I ask my wonderful angels and this is the information I received.

At this time things are moving very slow, there is no circulation on the market at this time, although it appears that lender are becoming more lender friendly there is still a hold up in the buying area, even with investors, family buyers, builders etc. Some things are moving but at a snails pace. People are still on a bit of a shock about all this talk on recession the only recession that there is is the one that is created in the mind of those who see lack, which is really non existence. Those who chose to focus on higher things are moving those who look at the obstacles are not, however no one is moving at record pace at this time, it is not the time. However Mid- March will bring about a change there is something that will be presented that will start the house market to move again, and all who have stood will be very happy. There will be a change in some policies surrounding the way that house are move( brought & sold) it will be for the better of all that are involved in any transactions at that time. All is well and a change is coming mid March 2011.

~ Katy

This is the information that I received from my wonderful Angel Katy who for those of you that have experienced her in person is straight forward. I just wanted to share it will all.