Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A week ago I went to a seminar to see one of the writers of Beyond the Secret , it was wonderful, as usual I was late ( and those of you who know me...) so as I walked into the room I could feel people looking, not because I was late as the event had not started yet and I was not sure why. Everyday before I leave my home I pray, I pray and talk to my Angels in the car, I take God with me where ever I go, I ask God to be there. Well later that week I attended a mastermind group with my friend and one of the ladies there said" When you walked in the room, there was something about you, something different, there was a presence about you, I know that you were special, but I couldn't quite figure it out". As she was speaking tears started to flow from my eyes, tears I couldn't stop and yes I tried, I thanked her and I said" There is nothing special about me but the presence of God within me." When you have a relationship with God and you take him along with you, you find favor.. You have God's Presence.

Be Blessed