Thursday, February 18, 2010

Do You Live with Limiting Beliefs

Do you live with limiting beliefs? A limiting belief is a belief that keeps you from obtaining or being or having something that you desire. Some examples of limiting beliefs are "I am too old to get a good job"; "Only people with college degrees are getting hired today"; "There isn't enough time"; "I don't have enough money"; "My doctor said I would never feel any better"; "My disease is incurable." Limiting beliefs seem very real when we believe in them.

There was a man who had very little money, but for years he had dreamed of going on a cruise. Life was a financial struggle for him, and he often had trouble making ends meet. He certainly didn't have the cash flow for something as extravagant as a cruise. With each year that passed, he continued to focus on going on a cruise. He kept his dream alive inside of him. He stayed open and optimistic. He had a belief. He had faith. Yet, he still had no cruise. What was the problem? The problem was that he believed that he had to have money, and a lot of it, before he could take a cruise.

A friend of the man suggested that he let go of thinking that he had to have money to go on a cruise. This meant letting go of the belief that he had to "pay" for the cruise and be open to other opportunities of supply coming to him. As it turns out, the man was a very good dancer and had taught some dance classes at his local cultural center. When the man let go of the thought that he had to "pay" for the cruise, he began to get creative ideas. He contacted several cruise lines and found that they wanted and needed people who could teach dance to their guests. Not only did he get to take the cruise he had always wanted, he got paid to do it!

Optimistic focus and holding to our dreams are crucial in the co-creation process. And being open to new ideas of how to achieve that focus and accomplish those dreams is absolutely necessary. The Mind of God is much more powerful than our minds. When we connect with that Spirit Within, we tap into that great creative Mind of God. God in our lives can do more through us than we can imagine.

Whatever you are desiring in your life, I encourage you to let go of your attachment to how it is to come about. Let your mind be a blank canvas using the prayer, "This is my desire (whatever you are desiring), or something better. I let go and release the means and the outcome to Spirit's highest creative demonstration. Thank you, God."