Thursday, November 10, 2011

How to work with Full Moon Energy

I  live for those moments when the beauty of the world takes my breath away - moments like seeing a big yellow moon rising over lavender grey water at sunset. The full moon is the high point of the lunar cycle, equivalent to that little moment after we take a deep breath, before we exhale... now is the time to stop mindfully, and look around you to see what is coming to maturity in your life. Are there some creative successes for which you need to acknowledge yourself? Are there any bad habits that have crept up on you & taken hold? What is ripening? What is gaining momentum? What has become of that intention you set at the New Moon? Some things may need some nurturing to grow further. Some things may need to be weeded out so those good things can grow! Full moon energy lasts for three days - maybe take some time during these three days to sit down with your journal (at twilight?) and ask yourself that question "what is coming to fruition in my life?" Include the good and the not so good. What are your next steps? The energy of completion (fullness) is followed immediately by the energy of decrease (waning - a cosmic exhale) - so use the next two weeks for shedding what doesn't work. Clean closets, break habits, start a diet, be less busy, undo tangles of all kinds. Look honestly at what needs to go - and you'll be ready for the freshness of the next New Moon!

Last but not least, anytime during the three days of the full moon is a great time to meet with friends, celebrate, share, and set intentions. What could be lovelier than a circle of women and friends meeting under the full moon?

Happy Full Moon... Make it work for you!