Sunday, September 23, 2012

Need to Get Some Bills Paid, Write a Note

There are times in everybody's life when the bills outweigh the money. I want to share with you a technique that works and I know that it works because I have used it many times
When your bills arrive in the mail, instead of resenting them, write on the envelopes “I give thanks for your immediate and complete payment. You are immediately and completely paid through the rich avenues of divine substance.”
When the bills have already piled up, it is also good to make a list of those owed and the amount owing, and beside or beneath each one write out the same statement concerning their immediate payment.
If you have lots of unpaid bills for months, go through them and make a list of the amounts owed and to whom. List first those you’ve owed the longest and those which are the most urgent. Write the above statement about immediate payment.
Then make a second list, showing the ones that should be absolutely paid within the next week, along with the statement “I give thanks that you are immediately and completely paid by ____” and list the date a week from now.
Repeat this each week because the priorities may change. You’ll see that they will be paid step by step. As you are catching up, you should begin to use this technique when new bills arrive. This will help you gain control of your thinking about your financial matters.
From the Dynamic laws of Prosperity, Catherine Ponder

Friday, September 7, 2012

Love, Angels and Goddess

Today, every client  that I saw was looking for love, the right love, new love, rekindling an old love! I thought oh my I know that there is not a lack of love, For there is not a lack of anything in this wonderful  universe!  Since today is Friday and it's  known as the day of love. I thought I would share some great information with you, so if you are looking for love, wanting to rekindle a love or just want to be prepared, this post is for you.

First, Venus is the Goddess of love, she was strong and beautiful. She had many lovers both mortal and divine, is what history says. Fridays is the day of Venus. Today is a great day for you to ( as all days are) carry your rose quartz,  which helps with love of oneself and attracting love.  You will never have the love that you deserve if you don't first love yourself, you gotta know that! Wear something red or pink, as well as lighting a pink candle with your love desires underneath.

Then, we have the Angel of love Archangel Chamuel, he is a wonderful and powerful Archangel. Great for helping you love yourself as well as others. If you feel lonely or if your heart has been broken this is the Angel for you. Chamuel will help to build lasting, long term, healthy  meaningful relationships.  So include him on your search.

Arielle Ford the author of " The Soulmate Secret" said that when she was on the quest for her husband, she clean out the closet, mental and psychically. She visioned him coming home after work, she talked to him like he could hear her. She created an love altar using buddha tradition.  But the most important thing that she said was when she was ready.

Prepare yourself for love, clean out your emotional closet. The right love will find you at the right time. Believe me they are looking for you .

Be Blessed,