Sunday, November 18, 2007


I thank God today for happiness, not because of any special reason, but because I simply have a smile on my face & a song in my heart. The Lord has been so good to me & my family that I truly have the joy & his peace in my heart. I am happy for all the wonderful people that I have met & I am happy for my life , my beautiful children, my wonderful soulmate, my mom & my family here & on the other side. I am happy that the Lord allows me to communicate with the angels,the guides & that his wonderful spirit dwells in me. The best thing that I have ever done was surrender to the goodness of my higher power & allowed him in my life& for this I am HAPPY!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Angel Message

Only you know what it is that you truly want, we ask you to sit down & really think about it, ask yourself what do I really want? Think about what the true meaning of happiness would be to you & as you do that focus on what really stands out, what really makes you happy inside & out. As you do ask us to help bring you what really makes your life happy & worth living. Sometimes we are confused because you are. Your source is the only one that you have to tell, because THE SOURCE is the only one that can give it to you.

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Friday, November 9, 2007


We come to you today with a message of reaping: You know in the spring you began to plant your flowers for the summer, sometimes in the fall you plant flowers for the summer, you plant you watch , you water because you know that when the time is right it will bloom & you will have a beautiful flower garden or vegetable garden. You know that this is coming because you have planted the seeds you have done all the work required & you know, you know , you know so you wait on it, expecting it,talking about it, acknowledging that it is coming........

The same thing goes for the spiritual & universe seeds that you plant,but there is no work!With faith you plant, with patience you wait, knowing that all is well & it is on its way... Have you planted any seeds today?

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Angel Message

We all want things , we make our list, we pray , we meditate, we ask our angels, we want we want we want. We want you to know today that the thing that you need to most is love, not just to love yourself but to love others there are some many people that can be healed by a smile , a hug, a simply how are you today? all of this is a form of love. Pure love that comes from within is a gift from your source, it does wonders & it is truly the greatest gift, greater than silver or gold. Love is the greatest gift. Love is the greatest gift!

1Cor: 13-13 And now these three things remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest gift is love

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