Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Life Happens on Purpose

I have been so intrigued with Oprah's life class, that I can hardly wait for the next one.But last night class hit me right where I needed it to. In my heart. As she talked about finding your purpose and taking the time to become one with that purpose and most importantly how everybody has one. I was filled with this sense of Gratitude.

You see no matter who you are and what you have( or don't) we all have a purpose in life. No matter how many time you hear things that are negative about your purpose, it is just that yours. Your life will never feel complete until you allow you soul to connect to your heart and you start living on purpose. We can all find reason to not do what are hearts are telling us to do, but I guarantee you that as many reason why you can't there will be that many more why you can.

Take the time today to find out just what God has in store for your life. Live on purpose. Thanks Oprah!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Live Today

Lately I have had overwhelming feelings of joy and peace. No matter what is going on around me, I feel so grounded and happy. I sat down yesterday and I realized somethings. I have made peace with my life just as it is right now, this very moment everything and everyone in my life are placed exactly where they are suppose to be and life is good, it is good today. The purpose of my sharing this is that once you know that you know everything begins to flow. You don;t have to keep asking when, where how, you just have to know that God had heard every single prayer that you have prayed and is in the mist of aligning the universe to bring to you your very desires. Don't get caught up in what if, and maybe's just give thanks and live today!