Monday, November 17, 2008

10 step to become more successful

10 steps to become more successful

If you follow these 10 steps, I assure that you will find your life more successful and abundant.

1) Talk to the Divine Daily: Set aside a time when you will not be disturbed and develop your relationship with your Higher Power

2) Find something to smile about: Not only does smiling raise your vibration, it increases sartonia in your body, if you practices smiling for 60 seconds a day you will find out that it is so much easier to smile and be happy

3)Tell someone that you love them: By giving love you will feel the love, in giving you will receive.

4) Keep a Journal: Write down your intentions, not in the "I want" form but in the "I allow. This will put you in the flow of allowing your intentions to manifest more quickly.

5) Carry a $100.00 bill in your wallet for a week: As you have this money in your wallet spend it over and over again in your mind, as you are out and about you see things that you can buy, you say" I can buy that or I can have 10 of those" by spending this $100.00 bill over and over you have raised your vibration to attract wealth, you can not attract what you don't have meaning likes attract, so if you feel wealthy, you attract wealth.

6) Use the power of thought: I know that you have heard that " Thoughts are things and words have power" if you sit and look over the words you use in your daily experience you will find that what you think you have, the word of God states " as a man thinketh in his heart so is he" so therefore make all your thoughts good ones.

7) Be Kind: No only to people but to planet earth, is it such a hard thing to bend down and pick up a piece of paper?

8) Live in the now: I tell my clients all the time you cannot change your past there is just no way and if you could you would, have ever you can change your future, start today, not worrying about what is next, but enjoying right now.

9)Seek Knowledge: It matters not what I tell you or anyone else, thirst to know for yourself, knowledge is power. Lear about spirit, angels, God(your higher power) make that connect.

10) Be thankful: Be thankful for every single thing in your life, everything, life itself is one of the most wonderful gifts you have been given.Be thankful

Friday, November 7, 2008

God is Amazing

Today was a most unusual one, I went for my walk as I do every morning, I walk around a local art gallery that we have here it is closed when I get there, but strangely enough it was open this morning, the Angels had surprises for me. Everyday when I write I as spirit to use me, to give me something that someone may need, well that’s what it did today in a very powerful way. I walked into this gallery surrounded by all this beautiful marble, as I journey down the hall, where was I lead, of course in the roman art gallery, where I was reminded of Gods power, and why I am so awed by him on a daily bases. I was first met by the paint of David and Goliath, you know that he cut the giants head off the his own sword, defeating him against all odds, them I see a picture of the angels worship the Blessed Mother, then to St. Francis worshipping God, his devotion went so deep that he had piercing in his hand, as Jesus did on the cross. I heard a voice say “Welcome we are glad to see you!” I was in amazement of how I had not visited this place since I was 13 years old and I was brought to exactly where I needed to be, I saw St. Michael, defeating rebel angels, St. Peter with the key, St Mark with his angel and the list goes on. I know that you are wondering what is the meaning of all this to me. It was a reminded that the same God of then is the same God of now, that miracles exist if you believe that they do and all those wonder Saints and Angels are still there for us even now. God is the same God of Glory, Power and Honor. Worthy to be praised!