Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Words of Katy

I have a lot of people who ask me about "Katy", so today I thought that I would tell you a bit about her and then allow her to speak...

Katy is an Angel, when she first came into my energy she had no name and told me that she was like most Angels not attached to names, however that Angels are attached to the vibration of your words. So I ask her " What do I call you?" and she said" A name that means love or someone that you are fond of that is not physical." So I started calling her Katy( which is my grandmothers name.) Katy began to tell me that she is an Angel that is on the 14th dimension of the heavenly realms and that she is not an Archangel, but that she specializes in educating,  empowering, uplifting and setting a straight course for those who are interested but that she cuts through the chase. She also told me that she has spent a lot of time in the South and has a Southern Draw. People who have seen me channel Katy knows that she loves chocolate, doesn't like for me to sit and is a very straight shooter with a very contagious laugh.

Now I will allow her to share a few words:

Firstly I want to let you know that I am thankful that you are allowing me to give a messages to all who will read this but this . Everything that you need in your life is given to you, you have a chance to accept it or reject it. Most of the time physical beings reject it without realizing that they are by the thoughts that they think and the words that they speak and yet you wonder where it is? ( Laughing)  You have to be patience enough to continue on your journey, some things can happen over night somethings happen in a few days some in a few years for spirit knows no time. We work according to your faith, did you know that? And sometimes having faith means waiting. You see God is a loving, caring God and his desires are that you have your desires but if you can not believe that you will how can one give those to you. You must keep your eyes on the bigger picture and if you need to pull from something pull from the times that you were a marvelous creator, when you wanted something in your physical life and nothing was gonna stop you. You are energy, energy attracts energy and when you have on the full jacket of knowing that you have what you need. It is coming.

Thank you dear one, I am complete for now.

Thank you Katy for allowing me to be the vessel through which you speak, I truly am humbled and I love you.

In Gratitude,

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