Monday, March 23, 2009

Drawing the Lines

I have noticed that the more that spirit puts on my plate( of course by my asking) the more lines I have to draw. Lines in my personal life, business life, lines that I cannot allow others to invade. See to much is given much is expected and I am learning that when you have a life purpose( yes we all do) no matter what that purpose is you are held accountable. Now what I mean by that is when you are operating on your journey you have to tune in and listen to what spirit and the Angels are advising you to do, sometimes there may be things, people or circumstance in your life where you have to draw the lines and move on and I can tell you that it is not always a pleasant thing but knowing who you are in God makes it a lot easier. You see God will never remove anything in your life without replacing it with something better. So when you are urged to draw the line, do so knowing that it is what is best for all concerned.


Monday, March 2, 2009

Cleaning out your closet

There comes a time in our life's when our spiritual path begins to borden and the things we do, the people we know and love, the places that we use to go... just don't fit anymore. It is hard to let go of the things you love, but sometimes you have to in order to reach your higher purpose. When you began to thirst for more of spirit and you ask them to come into your life, you surrender your will to spirit and they began to clean up, they will start to bring a whole new feeling of life to you, but here is the thing, it is a spiritual renewal that they bring. If you are around someone who is not like minded or who doesn't have your best interest at heart you will see the Angels began to change those things and usually it is not in a bad way, but maybe you just won't talk as much, or go there as often and the next thing you know it is gone.. The really awesome thing about that is that you won't even miss it( or them) because spirit will replace it with something that is for your highest good..
Trust your Angels today and let them clean out your closet.