Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The only thing you can change...

Today I was filled with  thanksgiving, as I went into my mediation and praise I could not stop crying. My heart was so full and all I could do was say "thank you"The spirit began to take me back to a place I was a few  years ago, I was so worried about my friends, my family, my mate, my children my everything, I wanted to fix it all. Once I finally realize that I can't fix anyone or change anything, the only thing that I could change was me. Once I released all that worry into the universe my soul began to fill lighter, I was happy and free. My world did a total 360 ,when some of the people around me saw the change and started the process within themselves to be free. The one and only thing that you can change, and have control of changing is you. Find the peace within today.

Love and Light,