Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Whose your Dad?

Over the holiday seasons we always give out gifts cards, so I gave a man one today and he said " Wow you must have a lot of money to do this?' And I said " Nope but my dad is rich", He said, "Really? " I said " Oh Yeah, he is limitless, he has a lot of everything, he's a doctor, he's a lawyer, he's even a banker, and he fixes broken hearts. He gives me everything that I ask for and sometimes even things that are better than I could ever imagine!" He said " Do you think he would help me, someone like me I have been unemployed for sometime, and my wife left me, maybe he can help me?' I said " I know that he will , I will ask him, but sometimes he wants you to ask for yourself." He said " when can I meet him." "Anytime", I told him, he's your dad too, his name is God and he loves you and makes all things possible for his children who believe."  Whose Your Daddy?


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